DF Tobacco Free Granules 50 gms

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Usage Recommendation

Chew 1-2 grams tobacco Free 3-4 times a day or as requirement and as directed by the physician

General Specifications
BrandDisha Fair Trade
Model Name DF Tobacco Free Granules
Quantity50 gms
Usage Timings Morning and Evening
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DF Tobacco Free Granules Tobacco Free Granules is an ayurvedic formulation which specialized for treating the addition problem in humans. It is the safest way to get out of the harmful addictive habits. Addiction of Smoking, chewing tobacco and similar other products are very dangerous for your health. It can lead to serious health problems including cancers of the mouth, esophagus, pharynx, larynx, liver in men and of breast cancer in women. It is an ayurvedic product made up of beneficial ingredients. It also contains Ilaichi, Chitrak and other herbs which is used for treating addiction and is known for its great benefits. It is the perfect cure for addiction problem and it helps in improving the overall health of the person. The product is very beneficial and 100% herbal and has no side effects. It is Healthy, safe and effective for person having Smoking, chewing Tobacco other addictions. It is Easy to use. It does not require any special prescription for using this medicine. Nicotine is a tobacco constituent that is naturally present in the tobacco plant. When you consume tobacco, nicotine enters the blood stream and activates the part of your brain which produces feelings of relaxation. Once the nicotine levels fall, the feel good effect reduces and triggers the urge for tobacco. Tobacco Free Granules is a flavoured granules which provides your body with a controlled dosage of vital herbs and helps you reduce your tobacco urge gradually.